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Far Cry 3 plot trailer

So 2008 is over and the long awaited sequel to Far Cry 2 is coming out towards the end of this year.  This new trailer shows off some of the story and plot for this September 6th release. 

So apparently in Far Cry 3, you play as a tourist named Jason.  While visiting an island, not on a map, you get captured alongside with your friend and girlfriend.  Your girlfriend Nicki is going to get sold for big bucks while Doug suffers a far worse fate. 

During your stay on the island, Jason will go through some psychological changes.  From this nobody tourist comes a climbing, shooting, knife throwing killer.  Is instinct really that strong?  Has Jason entered some sort of fight vs. flight mindset? 

Far Cry 3 will be out for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.  Check out the trailer above and await future trailers.

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