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Far Cry 3 coming this September


Ubisoft Montreal is hard at work with Far Cry 3, aiming to improve a series that's been lacking in many departments. The plot and open-worldness have caught much attention over the years with the first two installments, but sadly, the games have been unable to deliver upon that foundation. Nevertheless, Fary Cry 3 is looking quite impressive, and it now has a release date. 

According to the publisher, the game is set to release on September 4 in the U.S. and September 7 in the U.K. Details have been scarce thus far, but we do know that you take the reigns as Jason Brody, a tourist whose stumbled upon a deadly situation on island he's unfamiliar with. 

Every year we keep telling ourselves, "How can insert year top last year?" and every year we're continually hit with an outstanding titles. If Far Cry 3 delivers, expect your wallet to be wincing just a little more this fall. 

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