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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon live-action movie trailer will make you scream "Aw hell yea!"

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon fan-made live-action movie trailer

If you don't watch the fan-made live-action trailer for Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon the movie, then just know that I'm going to give you a giant middle finger. Possibly even two giant middle fingers. 

YouTube filmmaker MikeDiva has made an awesome '80s trailer of what the Ubisoft game would look like as a movie. The video has everything: neon, VHS tracking lines across the screen, bad acting, Rex Colt shooting a mini-gun while riding a flying, laser cyber-shark, and cheesy lines.

In the near future, the streets are littered with cyber sh*t. Only Nick Nova starring as Rex Colt can clean them up. Joined by Jamie Smith as Spider, a renegade cyber hacker with an attitude, they're pursued by a ruthless cyborg -- Colonel Sloan -- with the power to rule and the will to destroy. 

This trailer is a Far Cry from being over... three.

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