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Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon gets new neon-filled screenshots

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon screenshot Gallery_small_far-cry-3-blood-dragon-screenshot-7 Gallery_small_far-cry-3-blood-dragon-screenshot-6 Gallery_small_far-cry-3-blood-dragon-screenshot-3 Gallery_small_far-cry-3-blood-dragon-screenshot-4 Gallery_small_far-cry-3-blood-dragon-screenshot-2 Gallery_small_far-cry-3-blood-dragon-screenshot-1 Gallery_small_far-cry-3-blood-dragon-screenshot

Ubisoft has released a new batch of Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon screenshots. The sheer amount of neon present is mind numbing. I can't wait.

The actual post contained a mixture of new and old screenshots, but for the sake of simplicity -- and for people who have possibly missed the older ones -- I've included them all in this post. 

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon is a standalone 80s-styled first-person shooter that takes place in an 80's vision of the future. In the game you play as Sergeant Rex Colt (Michael Biehn) -- part man, part machine, all American. Your mission is about as complex as an 80s action flick gets: get the girl, kill the bad guys, and save the girl. Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon will be avialable on May 1 for XBLA, PSN, and PC.

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