Fan recreates Black Ops' Nuketown in GTA Online

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Although Grand Theft Auto Online's Content Creator is still technically in beta, fans are proving some pretty neat scenarios can be created -- like, for instance, a recreation of Call of Duty: Black Ops "Nuketown." 

Redditor "Creeative" has posted some images of his newly created GTA Online deathmatch which offers a fun take on the popular Black Ops multiplayer map.

"After seeing a member post a recreation of Shipment from CoD4, and a fellow member mention Nuketown again, I decided to recreate Nuketown with my own minor tweaks and scale changes for GTA:O," he explained. "This is my recreation of Nuketown for [Xbox] 360 players."

The map creator notes that the scale is a bit larger with a few extra houses (the Content Creator doesn't allow you to remove houses, just place objects). Homes can not be entered, but many of the garages, backyards, and rooftops are accessible. Starting weapons in the deathmatch are Assault Rifles, but you can pickup SMGs, Pump Shotguns, Grenades, and Sticky Bombs. Health and Armor pick-ups can also be found. The match supports a total of 12 players in a 6v6 setup.

If you are playing GTA Online on Xbox 360, you can download the Nuketown match from Rockstar hereGTA Online's Content Creator is still in beta and currently allows users to create deathmatches and races. Know of any cool designs? Email them to us at


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