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Fan made League of Legends side scroller game video


I’ll admit, I was skeptical of what this video was when I first loaded it.  My hesitance instantly faded once the video started.  Now I’ll admit it’s one of the greatest and unique League of Legends fan made videos I’ve ever seen.  What a turn of events!

The video shows a fake game called “League of Legends: Killer Syndicate.”  The game plays like a classic side scroller where you play as either Miss Fortune or Vayne.  Baron Von Veigar is creating a doomsday device and MundoCorp has paid you to take him down. 

Throughout the game you pick up power-ups that are abilities and you even see Miss Fortune’s passive making her Strut faster.  She fights minions and Heimerdinger turrets.  Tristana makes for a mini-boss fight and Caitlyn makes for a boss battle.  The Caitlyn fight is filed with nostalgic game mechanics and her abilities.

Like I said, check this video out – especially if you are a LoL fan.  The video is both below and HERE for the YouTube page I found it at.  Enjoy, give love.

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