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Fan brings Rocket League to Halo 5: Guardians

Imagine all the accidental splatters.

Rocket League is slowly working its way into everything. It's hitting the Xbox One next week and it's already in Goat Simulator. Now a fan has brought Rocket League into one of Xbox's most prized franchises -- Halo.

Using Halo 5's Forge map editing feature, TurbTastic's map allows players to jump into Ghosts, push around a green ball and hope to score.The map actually keeps score when you get a goal, which is what sets it apart from other fan-made attempts at creating Rocket League in Halo 5.

Luckily, Turbtastic made the map to be friendly to both large groups and small groups. The 16 player match puts three balls on the field and the two to six player match leaves one ball on the field. Players can jump out of their vehicles and shoot one another, but that's at the risk of being splattered.

To play on the map, search for Turbtastic in Halo 5 and select the "Rocket League" map, the gametype is "Rocket League by Turb."


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