Famitsu outlines new details on Capcom's Free-to-Play PS4 exclusive, Deep Down

Deep Down Screenshot - Shielding from a fire attack

Deep Down, Capcom's Free-to-Play offering coming to the PS4 has been compared to Namco's Dark Souls, and for very good reason. Mostly everything we've seen resembled Dark Souls in every way, not to mention Capcom hasn't been very vocal about the game, aside from revealing it takes place in the future, but allows players to travel back in time through memories (much like the Assassin's Creed games).

In the Weekly Famitsu, a few new details emerged about the title. First is announcing a new weapon type, the Greatsword, which will allow players to damage enemies in broad sweeps. Much like Dark Souls allowed players to leave messages scattered for others to find, Deep Down will utilize a concept of leaving behind your dead body, serving as not only a reminder of a dangerous area, but also allowing other players to loot it for items.

Dualshockers was able to translate a blurb regarding the game's storyline:

The stage of the story is New York in 2094. A member of the Ravens with the ability to read the residual thoughts that dwell on items earns his livings by clarifying the story from archaeological sites of ancient cultures. At one point in an excavation in the Czech Republic some ruins from the late 15th century are found. The presence of a mysterious city and the memories of an ancient civilization can be found in the site. The hero receives the request to investigate the ruins and to read its memories.

No release date has yet been announced.

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