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Family Guy Online beta opens

Family Guy Online beta is now open to all fans of Fox's hit television show, Family Guy.  The new free-to-play, browser-based, multiplayer online game will allow you to create their own character and become a citizen of Quahog.

In the open beta, you will experience key moments from the most memorable episodes as you play through hilarious game challenges and comical non-sequiturs based on popular episode storylines.  Throughout the game you will interact with characters from the show, scripted by the Family Guy writers and voiced by the show talent themselves.  Despite the game being free-to-play, it will work on a micro-transaction system, allowing you to buy in-game cash or earn clams to purchase items to customize your character and advance gameplay.

At the start, you can create a character, choosing from four classes based on the Griffin family archetypes.  Each class will have its own unique special gameplay skill and weapons, such as the Stewie-Class ray-gun.  From there, its up to you to team up or opt for a single player experience as you adventure through Quahog, visiting the most well-known landmarks.

Favorite characters from the show including Stewie, Peter, and Quagmire will send you on quests to fetch, fight, and rescue.  Along the way you will discover new skills and engage in social activities that benefit nearby players.  Fresh content, based on new episodes and parody-worthy real-life events, will be added to the game in future updates.

“We worked very closely with the show writers so that Family Guy Online encapsulates the well-known Family Guy brand of humor with the best elements of online multiplayer games, which is why we see it as a MMLOL,” said chief creative officer for Roadhouse Interactive Ian Verchere. “The feedback from our closed beta has been amazing, and we’re extremely happy to now be able to open up Family Guy Online to everyone.”

A "Keys to Quahog" access program has been created to let players into the game in waves.  Each "Key" will provide a registered player with the time and date they can enter the Family Guy Online open beta.

Family Guy Online is hilarious and so much fun. This experience is a digital extension of the television show which captures the best elements of the television show and combines them with multiplayer gameplay,” said Interactive Games senior vice president Gary. “Rolling the game out through a ‘Keys’ program allows us to bring fans into the game in a controlled manner so their experience is positive.” 

Access is on a first come basis, so those who register immediately will be first allowed in the game.  The program begins today at 3:00 PM PST.  To register, head over to and create your own character.

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