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Fallout Shelter update 1.4 brings crafting, more pets and new rooms

But wait -- there's more!

Fallout Shelter's biggest update yet brings crafting, pets and much more

Fallout Shelter might be a plea to mobile gamers from Bethesda, but it's an insanely popular one. The game grossed $5.1 million in its first two weeks alone and has signed Bethesda up to work on creating even more mobile games.

The developers have yet to forget about Fallout Shelter though, a new update for the mobile game will be bringing much more content to the post-nuclear fallout game. 

In update 1.4 players can look forward to taking 'worthless junk' and creating useful items out of it with crafting. With crafting introduced to the game, you'll need a an area to do crafting in -- right? Yes. 

The update will bring new rooms, the Weapon and Armor crafting rooms, that will allow you the space to create your own items. Thanks to update 1.4, you lunchboxes will give you more junk than ever to help your crafting with the bonus 5th card: Junk

Fallout shelter

In addition to all this junk, update 1.4 will also bring players a new sense of fashion with the Barbershop. The Barbershop will allow players to customize the looks of any dwellers and along with new looks, new Outfits and Weapons straight from Fallout 4 can be found in lunchboxes (or crafted).

Last but not least, there will be new Dogs and Cats in the game, as well as a new pet -- the Parrot. Oh, and the time of day will be properly reflected in the mobile game .

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