Fallout: New Vegas' Ultimate Edition out February 7th

Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition  - 875360

The Fallout: New Vegas' Ultimate Edition is officially out February 7th.  This game will include Fallout: New Vegas ultimate Edition and the four expansions: Dead Money, Old World Blues, Honest Hearts, and Lonesome Road.  Fallout: New Vegas' Ultimate Edition will be sold for $49.99.  This edition has it all for your high stakes needs. 

I’ll admit, I’ve always wanted a replica of Benny’s checkered jacket.  When he shot me in the head I swore one day I would wear that thing (in game), I’m a man of my word.  If you had been holding off to buy Fallout: New Vegas, now is your time to get the complete package.  Do it before the rads get you.

Check out the new trailer below!   

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