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Fallout 4 teaser site revealed as a hoax


You know that Fallout 4 teaser site -- It's a hoax. 

While it's possible a new Fallout game is in the works, it's not connected to that site or, which was also revealed to be fake. Both sites, in recent weeks, were used to send gamers eager for a new Fallout deeper and deeper into a rabbit hole. 

A new update on the website reads: "That's all folks" along with a YouTube video of a sad violin. The following message is also posted:

Special thanks to /r/Fallout the most amazing community on reddit. PSA: YT User 'Elevated Level', Butch, Liam Neeson and creator of are not responsible for this 'hoax/rickroll'. Ah, and is a fake too (Still thumbs up for this guy it looks great!). That's all. I really hope you'll get a real Fallout 4 soon, guys.

Bethesda never really acknowledged the fake website, but did issue a statement to fans today. On Twitter, a post read: "PSA: If you don’t hear it through an official channel like this, assume all rumors and speculation are false." My question is why didn't they say anything sooner?

Of course, had they denied it a week or two ago many of you would've probably called them liars. Don't believe me? Just look at the response Pete Hines got when he confirmed Bethesda has no plans to announce or reveal anything at VGX this weekend.

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