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Fallen Empire: Legions Live Beta on

June 25, 2008


InstantAction, the website for gamers that combines the intensity of videogames with the accessibility of the web, today unveiled the public beta for “Fallen Empire: Legions.” The game is available to play simply by signing up at

“Launching ‘Fallen Empire: Legions’ is a huge milestone for the company,” said Josh Williams, CEO of GarageGames. “Not only have we proven that technically the game can exist in a browser, but we are delivering on our promise to gamers of fun, 3D action games nearly any place they can get on the Internet.”

Developed internally by GarageGames, Legions combines distinctive freedom of movement with fast paced first-person combat to create strategic, team-oriented gameplay. The game launches with six player configurations - gunner, sniper, sniper specialist, rocket specialist, grenade specialist, chaingun specialist – and four weapon options -- sniper rifle, rocket launcher, chaingun, and grenade launcher. Players can choose either Deathmatch or Capture the Flag in free for all or team modes. Initially, the game will sport two large play arenas, with more coming on line later this year.

“For the last three months, we have had more than four thousand gamers testing the game,” said Joe Maruschak, General Manager of GarageGames Studios. “Now it is time for us to open it up to the rest of the world and get their feedback. We are very excited to see everyone join the vibrant community that already exists around the game.”

Fallen Empire: Legions takes advantage of InstantAction’s approach of “Live Development,” where game features and options are built and tweaked based on consumer feedback. Players can visit the forums and participate at:,22.0.html 


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