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Fallen Earth Announces Gaming Clan/Guild Application Process Today

November 6, 2008

Fallen Earth Announces Gaming Clan/Guild Application Process Today

As Fallen Earth™ continues development of its self-titled MMO, the company will accept applications from gaming clans and guilds for participation in Alpha testing. Fallen Earth will reserve a limited number of test accounts for interested parties based on system specifications and availability.

In addition to individual Alpha participants, Fallen Earth would like to test the game through gaming clans, a group of gamers with similar gaming habits who play online games together. Players who belong in gaming clans or guilds can sign up for the Fallen Earth test as a group.

The registration period begins today and will continue until available testing accounts are filled. Persons applying on behalf of a clan/guild should submit the following information in the body of an e-mail:

Clan or Guild name
Number of members that wish to participate in Fallen Earth
Clan/Guild Web site
Real name and contact e-mail of clan/guild representative or guildsman
Name(s) of game(s) played by the clan/guild
Name(s) of voice chat programs used by your clan/guild, if any
Additionally, the clan or guild representative will need to submit information on each player who wishes to participate in Fallen Earth. The following information should be attached to the e-mail as a comma delimited text file and sent to alphatest (at) with the subject line “GUILD”:

One line for each participating member with

Clan/Guild member full real name
Clan/Guild member email address
Clan/Guild member system specifications: type of platform, type of processor, RAM, type of video card, version of DirectX
Registrants should have 4GB of available disk space. Further questions should be directed to alphatest (at) with the subject line “GUILD”: “GUILD Questions”.

Chosen clans and guilds will receive a confirmation e-mail to their representative followed by distribution of individual tester accounts to each of the emails specified in the comma delimited text file provided by the clan/guild representative during registration.

For more information on Fallen Earth upcoming live developer chats, contests and game updates,

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