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Faction representatives will return this week in Destiny 2

Let the Faction Rallies begin!


With Destiny 2's first raid having officially released, Guardians have been rather busy for the last week or so. While players have been relatively busy, that hasn't stopped people from wondering about Eris Morn, Lord Saladdin, and faction representatives. Luckily, the wondering is coming to an end - they are making a return!

After the weekly reset this Tuesday, you’ll be able to pledge your loyalty to one of the factions and gather some supplies to support them. You’ll collect these supplies by doing activities like public events, strike missions, completing Nightfall missions or by competing in the Crucible.

future war cult

Each faction will offer a powerful weapon as an incentive to attract more Guardians. Once you complete these activities you’ll be rewarded with faction tokens. The Faction with more tokens will win. 

new monarchy

The winning faction will offer the powerful weapon with a huge discount to its members. It will offer the weapon to everybody else, but only its members will receive the discount. Head to Bungie website for more details about the loot that each faction will offer. The event will last until October 3rd.


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