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Fact or Faked returns with new episodes


You ever wish there was a show that figured out if videos of supernatural or extraterrestrial occurrences were real or fake?  Well, Syfy has you covered.  Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files uncovers the truth behind supernatural and unexplained occurrences caught on camera.  Fact or Faked follows a team of researchers that each present a video of a happening they'd like to investigate for the episode.  The team decides on two different videos that they'll try to prove to be fact or faked.  This is accomplished through trying different experiments to recreate what is seen on video. 

The team is made up of team leader Ben Hansen, Jael de Pardo, Bill Murphy, Austin Porter, Lanisha Cole, and Devin Marble.  As seen in this clip from last season, the team tries to explain how an ash tray explodes and whether supernatural forces are the cause, and try to debunk a video of a witch flying from a cave.  When they're trying the various experiments to recreate the video, the show has a very Mythbusters feel to it, which works excellent when combined with the supernatural theme.

In one of this season's upcoming episodes, Ben, Austin and Jael investigate a mysterious hovering light piercing through the night's dense fog over the waters of Bodga Bay — a paranormal hotspot in California that has been featured in movies like The Fog and The Puppet MasterFact or Faked: Paranormal Files returns to Syfy on Tuesday, April 17th at 9/8c with new episodes.

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