Facepunch's decade-old Garry's Mod finally breaks $30 million — as much as Rust made in two months

Screenshot - Garry's Mod

Facepunch Studio's new survival game, Rust, is doing extremely well. But it's easier to understand just how well when you consider that the developer's first game — released nearly 10 years ago — is just catching up to it in sales.

Studio founder Gary Newman announced today that Garry's Mod has broke $30 million. Facepunch originally made Garry's Mod as a mod to Valve's first-person shooter Half-Life 2 before releasing it as a standalone game in 2006. But even with that huge headstart (imagine how much hype got around by the time the title hit Steam), the money from sales of Garry's Mod is only about equal to that from Rust, which is only two months old.

Rust released on Steam Early Access last year in December. It costs twice as much as Garry's Mod did at launch ($20 versus $10), but it's already sold over a million copies.

Via: Polygon

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