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Expectations for New Halo Trilogy


Ah, the good ole Halo trilogy, Master Chief at his finest; huge alien weapons, strange alliances, and the end of a galactic assimilating species.   Since the three original Halos ended, two more titles were added to the arsenal – ODST and Reach.  If for any moment you thought that Halo days were over, you are highly mistaken.  Not only will there be another game after Halo 3 to progress the story line – there will be two more rumored after that making another trilogy.  

Both Master Chief (alive) and Cortana are returning with new looks.  It’s been a while since we’ve seen them, to progress story further and with better technology - they have upgraded their styles.  Bungie’s content manager Frank O’Connor said, "There's some fairly radical modifications to his armour.  Some of those are an artistic evolution, but some are connected to the story. We just can't talk about it yet. He's been in space for a long time."

On Cortana’s new look, O’Connor continued, "Cortana was getting close to the end of her natural lifespan at the end of Halo 3 but she has been exposed to far more information than any other AI in existence. She's going to develop some muscle from that process but it also contributes to her rampancy - that much information makes things worse."

Other aspects we can look forward to are new weapons, new vehicles, advancements in story, and new alien worlds.  How about shield worlds created to protect themselves against the Halo weapon?  Yea, those are there.  The other aspect in this Halo game that O’Connor was pushing was exploration, "The thing that connected people to the first Halo is that mystery, so that's where a lot of our pressure on the art team is going right now. We want the player to feel that initial experience of discovery."  New alien worlds mean more ground to cover and more spectacles to witness.

The other thing to consider is the simple concept of ‘who will the enemy be?’  Now that the war between the Covenant is now peaceful and even alliance savvy AND now that the Flood has been exterminated… who do you fight?  All that is known is that it is an ‘ancient enemy.’  Think about it. 

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