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Expect more new PS4 game announcements at TGS 2014


Having too many games is a good problem to have. So it's nice to hear Sony Worldwide Studios head honcho Shuhei Yoshida say that they couldn't fit them all into their gamescom prensentation. The result? Look forward to more new game announcements at Tokyo Game Show 2014.

Yoshida spoke to Famitsu, and it was translated by Gematsu, and Yoshida told them that Sony's goal was to introduce PS4 games. He said to them, "But to be honest, in selecting the games we wanted to introduce, we realized it wasn't possible to fit everything into the frame of the conference, so unfortunately there were some games we couldn't introduce at this time."

When asked further if there could be more PS4 game announcements at TGS, Yoshida said, "We consider it a very important point."

So make of that what you will. I'm still waiting to see if Sony has anything... ANYTHING planned for the PS Vita. 

We may be seeing more game, but we won't be seeing The Last Guardian.

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