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Existing saves carry over to PlayStation Now games


With PlayStation Now, select PSOne, PS2, and PS3 games will now be playable on your PS4, Vita, or numerous other internet-connected devices. Since the PlayStation 4 offers no backwards compatibility, this new streaming service now offers gamers a way to experience these older games again (or maybe for the first time). The big question for those who may be replaying them, though, is whether or not pre-existing saves will carry over when playing a streamed game over PS Now.

In short, they will. "Your save files with PS Now games move with you from any PSN now enabled and supported device," Sony's Matthew Harper confirmed. "With games hosted in the cloud, you can truly take your game with you -- just log in with you SEN account and your games and progress will be instantly available."

PlayStation Now was revealed yesterday during Sony's keynote. A beta for the service will launch later this month, with a full rollout expected by summer 2014.

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