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Exclusive:Tales of Pirates: Slasher-Crusader Strategies

October 10, 2008

Tales of Pirates: Slasher-Crusader Strategies

IGG has prepared a series of cool news exclusively for GameZone gamers – this is spotlight #3, with more coming soon…

Tales of Pirates attaches a lot of importance to group cooperation and grants high EXP for killing monsters when different classes coordinate well in a team. In spotlight #1 we found out more about Sharpshooters, and today TOP will go on to open the Crusaders’ X File exclusively with GameZone gamers.

Crusader is an excellent class featuring quick movement, strong damage dealing, and magic spells to aid in assassin-like kills. They play a very important role in group cooperation especially in group PVP, target detection and BOSS quests. Compared with other classes from Tales of Pirates, Crusaders focus more on skill reactions. Players need to learn how to create a Crusader the right way and how to exert their power most effectively.

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Skill Points Distribution

Swordsmen planning on advancing to Crusaders better improve their Concentration to Rank 2, Swordsmanship to Rank 3, Berserk to Rank 5 and max out Illusion Slash before Level 40. Also, reserve about 10 skill points for future use.

After finishing the advancement quest, Swordsman will move up to Crusader when they use the remaining skill points to pump up their Dual Sword Mastery. This will increase their attack power greatly. Then, as they progress in level, all additional skill points should be distributed to their senior spells and abilities, like immediately pumping Blood Frenzy to Rank 5, and Shadow Slash to Rank 1, then gradually filling Blood Frenzy and learning Level 1 Stealth.

After that you will have a choice, either fill Shadow Slash to max or Deftness & Sword mastery to max … or even mix it up a bit!

Tales of Pirates PC screenshots

How to get the best Slash damage

Illusion Slash is a distance skill which grants Crusader’s their highest killing power, and is also one of their main PK skills. The damage is based on your Attack speed, so a high Attack speed means high Illusion Slash damage, and will get Multiplied on Attack speed 140 and 210.The main goal is to get Attack speed to 210 so your Illusion Slash damage will be maxed.

STOP pumping AGI once you reach 210 attack speed! All the extra AGI is way better off in STR to improve Illusion Slash damage even further!!

Moreover, good gear is also important for Illusion Slash damage. Considering you need 210 Attack speed, you will probably need very good equipment to get there. Players can also take your preferred gear type into consideration when distributing points.

Tales of Pirates PC screenshots

PK Skill

Crusaders attach a lot of importance to skill control and concentration. They not only know themselves, but also know about other classes, including their attacks, defenses, skills and cool-down times. Timing attacks just right is crucial when in PK. You must wait for Stealth to cool down, then attack the target if you feel there is someone on the other side that has the ability to kill you. Usually the situation happens in Demonic World, where it is hard to tell whether another Crusader is hiding nearby.

Also it is important to decide which skill to use earlier. Never hesitate to release Illusion Slash if you will defeat the target at once. If not, it is better to use Shadow Slash on the target and then use Illusion Slash.

If a Crusader has killed a target and is waiting for Stealth to cool down, another Crusader from the enemy group will be on the attack at once. Simply put a Soul Detector beside and stay within its secure range to avoid the attack while Stealth cools down.

For more Tales of Pirates game strategies, visit their official Web site.

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