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Exclusive: Tales of Pirates: Sharpshooters Advancement Strategy

September 22, 2008

Tales of Pirates: Sharpshooters Advancement Strategy

IGG has prepared a series of cool news exclusively for GAMEZONE gamers, beside this, still has more coming…

Tales of Pirates attaches a lot of importance to group cooperation and grants high EXP for killing critters when different classes coordinate well in a team. Actually TOP has 6 main classes, Champion, Sharpshooters, Voyager, Cleric, Seal Master, and Crusader. Among them, the Sharpshooter is an indispensible part of a good team. Today TOP will share the Sharpshooters’ X File exclusively with GAMEZONE gamers. 

Sharpshooters have good command of range weapons used to attack their targets from long distances and reap the benefits of the terrain. They specialize in high hit, quick moves, but low defense, usually disturbing and garrison duty. This high flexibility lets them coordinate well with other members while the low defense is not so critical to the fight directly, so it is important for Sharpshooters to distribute their skill points. We will concentrate on distribution with all players.

Tales of Pirates PC screenshots 

Skill Points Distribution 

Hunters better improve their Range Mastery to Rank 10, Double Shot to Rank 2, and Frozen Arrow to Rank 5 before Level 40. Reserve most of the skill points for future use after necessary replenishment. And after advancement to Sharpshooter, the skill points remaining can be distributed to the senior spells and abilities, like pumping Gun Mastery to Rank 10, Cripple to Rank 5, Enfeeble to Rank 5, Headshot to Rank 1, Magma Bullet to Rank 1 and Windwalk to Rank 4. Then transfer the rest to fill Cripple and Enfeeble, and top up Windwalk. The full Cripple and Enfeeble let Sharpshooters easily control their targets, whether in training or PK, and the full Windwalk gives Sharpshooters a lot of freedom to control.

Tales of Pirates PC screenshots 

Stats Distribution 

Generally there are 4 plans for stats point distribution: 

Dealing Damage: Pump ACC to the top, and then assign the rest of the stats to CON. This is an old but classic way to distribute Stats. High hit, high attack power and High efficiency! Player can even kill critters at higher levels. Solo players oftern choose this way with the only short comings being low attack speed and dodge. 

Group CoordinatorPump CON to the top, and then assign the rest of the stats to ACC. Sharpshooters of this kind are rich in HP, and are mainly charged with luring and sealing BOSSes. Low attack power is their short coming, but they are popular with team members because their high HP increases their PK survival rate. 

Hybrid: Enhance ACC and AGI at a 3:1 ratio. Sharpshooters of this kind have high attack speeds and better attack power, though not as well as pure AGI Sharpshooters. 

Pure AGI: Loading all points into AGI gives players a Sharpshooter with the highest movement speed and attack speed, but with a considerable downside of low attack power. Also these quick as lightning shooters are very fragile, so we don’t advise going this route.

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Advancement to Sharpshooters: Quick Route Recommended  

Level 1-9: Get through the guide quests and kill some critters to easily level up to 9, then take the 1st advancement quest to Hunter, and players will obtain a bow.

Level 10-14: Defeat some Little White Deer at Icicle Castle to level up to 14.

Level 15-20: Players will go up to Level 15 or 16 by hunting Horned Penguin, then go kill Snowy mushroom for more experience.

Level 21-25: Players in this range can go have some fun killing Snow Lady at Deep Blue.

Level 26-30: Kill lots of Fragile Snow Doll at Deep Blue.

Level 31-35: Kill lots of naughty snowy baby at Deep Blue.

Level 36-40: Choose to go to the West entrance of the Abandoned mine for training, because the Miner Mole and Ninja Mole there contain a considerable amount of EXP, and will help players successfully level up to Level 40. Then at this level players will become a Sharpshooter by completing the 2nd advancement quest.

Tales of Pirates PC screenshots 

For more Tales of Pirates game strategies, visit their official website:

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