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Exclusive: Tales of Pirates: Rebirth Strategy

November 3, 2008 

Tales of Pirates: Rebirth Strategy 

IGG has prepared a series of cool news exclusively for GAMEZONE gamers – this is spotlight 4. 

Rebirth has always been a dream goal for level 75+ players in Tales of Pirates ( Through Rebirth quests, players can transfer their current state to a new character; obtain deity power through rebirth and also a pair of wings that allow the player to fly once equipped. Even better, players get another chance to choose a 2nd advancement profession with their skill and stats points reset. Today we will share the Rebirth process exclusively with GameZone gamers.

Tales of Pirates PC screenshots 

Requirements before Rebirth: 

Character must have at least level 75 with no less than 9999 Reputation Points.

You must complete the rebirth quest and obtain the Rebirth Stone.

Remove all your gear.

Reserve at least 5 slots in your bag. 

Quest Source: Go to talk with the goddess in Heaven to start the Rebirth quest. 

Quest I:

Accept From: Huckinson at Lone Tower (513,269).

Tips: Kill 15 Nimble Forest Hunter, 15 Nimble Shadow Hunter, 15 Vicious Grassland Elder, 15 Evil Guardian Angel, 15 Ruthless Shadow Hunter, 15 Ruthless Forest Hunter!

Loot Obtained: The 1st Rebirth Stone and the Mark of Valor. 

Quest II:

Accept From: Hairstylist at Spring Town (3300,2513.

Part 1: Go collect Gigantic Stramonium Flower*30, Quality Caviar*30, and Compressed Energy III*30

Part 2: Go collect Mao Wine*50, Dukan Wine*20, and Ginseng Wine*15.

Loot Obtained: The 2nd Rebirth Stone.

Tales of Pirates PC screenshots  

Quest III:

Accept From: Demonic Guide Tomas.Tutu at Demonic World.

Part 1: Capture BOSS Deathsoul Commander.

Part 2: Capture BOSS Barborosa.

Part 3: Capture BOSS Prehistoric Giant Octopus.

Loot Obtained: The 3nd Rebirth Stone. 

Quest IV:

Accept From: Tourist - Tink at Icicle City (1335, 469).

Tips: You will choose between two quests – difficult or complicated. Here we share some tips for the 'Difficult' quest. First, you should choose a difficulty quest from Clan Chief and then return back to Tourist Tink. He will tell you to kill the BOSSes, Wandering Soul at Demonic World 1, Snowman Warlord and Black Dragon at Demonic World 2.

Loot Obtained: the last Rebirth Stone.

Tales of Pirates PC screenshots 

You can successfully complete Rebirth after submitting the Rebirth Stones you obtained to the Rebirth Angel and Goddess at Heaven. 

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