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Exclusive: Tales of Pirates: Corsair System X File

October 1, 2008

Tales of Pirates: Corsair System X File 

IGG has prepared a series of cool news exclusively for GAMEZONE gamers – this is spotlight2, with more coming soon…  

Section 1: Introduction

With over 70% of the land in coastal areas in Tales of Pirates (, the Corsair is an indispensable vehicle for pirates. How can you get your hands on a Corsair, how can you build it and use it, and what are the benefits in a battle? These are the burning questions every pirate needs to answer. Today TOP will release the Corsair system X Files to share this information with GAMEZONE gamers. 

Corsairs are available at harbors. Argent Harbor sells the Guppy, Transporter Type I, Flying Fish and Swordfish. Shaitan Harbor sells the Guppy, Windseeker, Swordfish, Turtle, Torrent Galley and Goddess. Icicle Harbor sells the Transporter Type I, Windseeker, Flying Fish, Turtle and Eagle. Thundoria Harbor sells the Flying Fish, Turtle, Swordfish, Phantom Galley, Silver Dolphin and Great White Shark.

Tales of Pirates PC screenshots 

Section 2: Functions of Corsair 

Corsair building

Once a Player has reached Level 20, they are qualified to build ships and start on their fantastic journey. There is shipbuilding NPC at each harbor that specializes in producing different types of ships. One character can own three ships at most. Players can personalize their ships by choosing different Mobility, Fire Cannons and other Components. 

Setting Sail

Players can choose to set sail by talking to the Harbor Operator after their Corsairs have been built. The Harbor Operator has the necessary supplies for the pirates’ Corsairs, and also offers a repair service.

Tales of Pirates PC screenshots 


Players had better prepare full supplies before sailing and replenish at harbors on the journey because supplies are very important for Corsairs sailing on the sea. When the Corsairs are at sea, supplies will gradually decrease, and once the Corsairs’ supplies reach 0, it will use up the Corsairs’ duration and the Corsair will sink, killing the player. After the Corsair has sunk the player has to go back to the harbor they left from and ask the harbor operator there to raise the wrecked Corsair from the bottom of the sea! 


There are landing points at each harbor and on each island. Players can maneuver their Corsairs to the landing points to disembark. After that, the Corsairs will be taken care of by the local harbor operator. You can get your Corsair back and set sail again at any time by talking to him. 

Leveling up

The Corsairs’ mastery will be increased through fighting and sailing. When the mastery level reaches a certain point, players can pay some money to a Corsair builder to upgrade their Corsair. Certain points’ mastered will be consumed whenever Corsairs are leveling up.

Tales of Pirates PC screenshots 

Sea Commerce

In TOP there is a pretty good way to make money---Sea Commerce. Every harbor or island has trade NPCs selling specialities. Players can buy local food from the NPC and make a profit by selling these specialities to other ports or regions. 

Life Skills

When players assemble their Corsairs, they can equip the relevant components according to the functions you want to use, like fishing or salvage. After learning a skill from a skill master, you can go fishing or salvage wrecked Corsairs from the bottom of the sea. It is possible to discover some incredible things. 

The fish or Sashimi obtained by fishing can be sold in the harbor market for a good price, and things obtained through salvage might be very helpful to your quest. 

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