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Exclusive Hands-On Video with Darksiders

December 17, 2009


Exclusive Hands-On Video with Darksiders


Andrew Groen Experiences Two Early Boss Fights from Darksiders


At last week’s Darksiders press event in Los Angeles, California, Andrew Groen of GameZone was able to log in a good amount of playtime with the action-adventure title from THQ.


Not only was he able to see the full build of the title, he was able to be a witness of how challenging the title can be when he encountered, the first major boss, Tiamat. Before he fought the crazy bat-demon, he was able to dispose of the mini-boss, The Jailer, in a grueling battle that displayed a hilarious execution.


Darksiders boss fight – The Jailer


Groen fails miserably in his first attempt to take down Tiamat


In case you have missed out on our Darksiders coverage thus far, feel free to read further on THQ’s anticipated title.


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GameZone will continue to bring forth our full coverage for Darksiders over the next few weeks.

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