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Exclusive: The Wolverine 3 title is not what you'd expect

It's not Old Man Logan

EXCLUSIVE: We have our title for Wolverine 3

After a somewhat lackluster release with X-Men: Apocalypse, mutant fans must now turn to Wolverine 3 to get their fix. This has been pretty much confirmed by Hugh Jackman to be the last time we’ll see him as the character so you would imagine that Fox would want to have closure with this release. Thanks to a reliable source, we now have our title, which may offer some insight as to what we can expect with this final installment.

EXCLUSIVE: We have our title for Wolverine 3

Many believe that Wolverine 3 will feature the character of Old Man Logan, something Jackman has hinted at himself. In the comics, this is a much older Wolverine; one of the last remaining heroes after a large group of super villains put up a united front to eradicate their foes. Whilst this is unlikely to be the plot of the third Wolverine, recently leaked photos would suggest that we are indeed getting an older Logan.

EXCLUSIVE: We have our title for Wolverine 3

Sources close to the project have revealed that the title of the film will be Weapon X and while 'sources' might not be enough, we can assure you they are reliable. 

This suggests that the program which created Wolverine will play a large role in the film, maybe a resurgence of the initiative that Wolverine plans to shut down once and for all. This would certainly offer closure on this characters’ story, as well as possibly set up the origin for X-23, a character Bryan Singer himself pitched to Fox to replace Wolverine. We won't have to wait long to find out more details, as we have also been informed that the official release of some footage, poster and title will be happening at this year’s San Diego Comic Con.

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