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Exclusive Japanese bonus items for Animal Crossing: New Leaf headed to North America

Prepare your towns, pull those weeds.


Animal Crossing: New Leaf is not done with you yet. Pull out your 3DS and get ready for some special in-game items from Nintendo Japan.

When New Leaf first released in Japan it came with bonus items that never made it to North America, but Nintendo has decided that it's now time to rectify that. To that end, these items are coming stateside.

Beginning February 1st, anyone who stops by a Nintendo Zone location will receive a gift. You will be able to grab your item once a week, every two weeks. Nintendo Japan partnered with 7-Eleven to offer special brand name in-game items like shirts, signs, furniture, and food displays in New Leaf. The items were distributed as DLC in Japan via Nintendo Zones in Japan. There's a chance that these are the items we will be seeing come February 1st.

To receive your item after visiting the Nintendo Zone, head to the post office and talk to Pelly or Phyllis and ask to receive a gift over wireless. 

That's it. Now, you know you need these items, charge up your 3DS folks.

Animal Crossing New Leaf


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