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Exciting SAGA Developments

April 10, 2008


SAGA is a month into release and is pleased to announce that most of the stability issues have been eliminated. We are still working with individuals to resolve the remaining issues – given the vast number of hardware configurations out there, we ask for your continued patience if you still are having problems playing SAGA.

We are also working hard on getting new content in game – we appreciate your feedback, it helps us a ton in shaping new quests.


Since launch, almost 8000 people have joined us in SAGA, a number which continues to grow and expand with every new promotion. The most successful of these promotions has been the REFER-A-FRIEND program. Hundreds of players have already taken advantage of this opportunity to earn themselves free packs. Just as a reminder of how the program works:

For every friend (even free accounts) who joins and reaches level 10 you'll receive a free booster pack!

For every friend who joins and purchases the game you'll receive 2 additional free booster packs!

So if your friend plays to level 10 and purchases the game you'll get 3 free boosters!

Just log into the website, click on “Saga Store”, and then click on the REFER-A-FRIEND link. You will get to send an email out to 5 friends at a time – make sure you remind them that they HAVE to follow the link from the email to join SAGA in order for you to benefit! So far, more than one third of referrals sent have resulted in free boosters being awarded to the referring player.

We are working on instituting even more REFER-A-FRIEND tools, such as banners and links for all you bloggers out there that will automatically sign people up with your user ID, making it possible for you to earn hundreds of packs.

Even free players can take advantage of this opportunity! It's a great way to earn all the packs you need without ever spending a dime.

So send out those emails and get your friends in game!


We have several more exciting new developments in the works. In the next week or so, we will add voice-over into the tutorials and training quests, as well as into the tutorial popups. This should help new players better understand the game before closing the help tabs. We have also finished a new full color manual – updated to reflect the changes we have recently implemented. This will be a wonderful tool for everyone struggling with core concepts of SAGA.

Look out for tournaments in the upcoming month – we have thus far delayed the release of this feature in order to focus on stability (an unstable tournament being a definite NO). We are almost there though, and tournaments will be a great new way to win packs, battle friends and enemies, and raise your tournament rating. (Tournament rating will be one of the ways to gain entry into championship events with even larger prizes.)

Last patch, we added a new garrisoning troops feature – some of you may have missed it. Shift and Right-Click on a tower, stronghold or keep you control to garrison troops. Garrisoned troops are removed from the field and unavailable for re-deployment for five minutes – this action costs 5 CP from your total fieldable CP pool, though you regain the CPs of the garrisoned troop.

Additionally, watch your favorite online news site for a big announcement from SAGA this next week about the 6th faction.


SAGA goes on sale in stores across the country this month. Look for it in your local game or hobby store. If your store doesn't carry SAGA, have them contact one of their distributors. In-store packs are a great way for players without access to a credit card or PayPal account to acquire SAGA units. (Warning: the edges are super sharp – we are not responsible for death or injury that may occur from improper use!)

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