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Exciting premium content coming to The Witcher: Versus

September 17, 2008


Exciting premium content coming to The Witcher: Versus


Eager to drink from goblets of gold and eat from plates of platinum, one2tribe and CD Projekt RED are excited to announce plans to introduce premium content to the tremendously popular and incredibly addictive browser-based game, The Witcher: Versus. Oh, that’s a joke. The reality is that operating and continually developing a game with more than 60,000 players tends to cost a bit of money.


Later this year, developer one2tribe will add premium content to further enrich the deep gameplay of The Witcher: Versus, based on the hit PC RPG from CD Projekt RED and the wildly popular fantasy books from Andrzej Sapkowski. To avoid riots and hate mail, one2tribe reassures cash-strapped gamers around the world that they will not be shafted by this new content, as those who indulge in premium content will not gain an advantage within the game. The core gameplay of The Witcher: Versus will remain free of charge, and will continue to evolve in parallel in the coming months.


Premium content will be added gradually; the first premium access package will contain new features intended to ease account and character management; they include a rucksack for items that are not currently equipped, a history of fights against a certain player (for ultimate bragging rights), as well as a private duels archive. The designers will reveal additional details over the next few months.


Future changes in The Witcher: Versus will not focus on premium content only, and will serve to make the free-to-play game even more enticing; leagues, tournaments, challenges, a full-featured RPG world and much more will begin to find their way into The Witcher: Versus in the later part of the year.


Gamers who wish to hack, slash, and uhh… magic their way to victory over friends and strangers on their lunch breaks (or anytime, really) can visit to get in on the action.


The Witcher: Versus Developer Diary

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