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Excalibur Online Closed Beta Test Begins March 18

March 14, 2010

Excalibur Online Closed Beta Test Begins March 18

Omniverse Games is set to begin closed beta testing of its new real time strategy MMO “Excalibur Online” from developer Radiance Digital Entertainment. The closed beta is limited to 1000 players, and will provide gamers their first peek of this highly anticipated title.

Omniverse Games has announced that Excalibur Online, the new browser based MMO from leading developer Radiance Digital Entertainment will enter its closed beta testing phase on March 18, 2010. The public will finally be able to log into Excalibur Online and see for themselves if they have what it takes to unify Britain under their own banner, or if their exploits are doomed to be forgotten on the misty shores of Avalon.

Excalibur Online is a free-to-play browser based strategy MMO. The game is set in post Roman Britain, before the rise of King Arthur and Camelot. Players are lords of their own domains who must collect resources, build up cities, discover new technologies, and develop armies. Then, through alliances and conquest, they can undertake a campaign to claim Excalibur and unify the land. When thousands of other players from around the world have the same goal, epic battles are surely in store.

“We are pleased to be sharing the results of our hard work with the public for the very first time,” said Jonathan Seidenfeld, CEO of Omniverse Games. “Excalibur Online will provide a rich online experience for veteran strategy gamers, but is easy enough to learn for those new to the genre.”

Excalibur Online boasts 16 types of military units including magic users, as well as the standard compliment of siege weapons. There are over a dozen types of city structures including a tavern, from which heroes can be recruited. Over 100 heroes are available in the game, all of them either historical or legendary from the Excalibur Online time period.

In addition to the units, structures, and storyline, a key feature of Excalibur Online is the massive weekly server-wide “Battle for Avalon”, in which any player can commit as many troops as they like to one of the opposing armies that fight for major loot on the island of Avalon. Winnings are divided up to victorious players in proportion to the number of troops they committed to battle. This is an incentive for all out war, and each week the biggest winners will be honored online and in the forums. A thriving community is already forming in anticipation of the game.

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