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Ex-DICE producer: Has DICE 'got the balls' to move Battlefield away from the 'safe' modern setting?

Battlefield 2142

DICE absolutely stunned with Battlefield 4's reveal last month, but a modern war setting has led some to believe the developer doesn't "got the balls" to leave the "safe haven of a modern war setting." 

The individual who posed the question is none other than Gordon Van Dyke, ex-Battlefield 2142 producer now serving as executive producer of War of the Roses. On Twitter yesterday, Van Dyke expressed his thoughts which you can see below.

He later followed up with a more humble post, admitting the original Battlefield 2142 game did fall short of its potential. However, Van Dyke is of the belief that "under the right leadership," a Battlefield game set in the future could succeed and even impress.

Back in 2011, following the release of Battlefield 3, it was believed the next Battlefield game would be a sequel to Battlefield 2142. An Easter Egg hidden on the Wake Island map had the number "2143" carved into a wall. Of course, this rumor was debunked last month when DICE and EA revealed Battlefield 4, which will take place in a modern setting.

It's certainly an interesting question, not that a move into the future would really be daring. Just last year, Call of Duty had a near-future setting with Black Ops 2 -- yet, that felt very similar to a modern setting. How far is too far? Is Van Dyke talking of a game featuring laser guns and alien space ships? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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