Ew, Dark Souls for PC will use Games for Windows Live

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It's common knowledge that Games for Windows Live is pretty damn bad, right? I mean, there are terrible bugs, connectivity issues, and stupid demands such as signing in for everything. Gamers have been avoiding titles that use Games for Windows Live for a long time, and these days it's hard to find too many games that support the service.

Unfortunately, it looks like Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition is going to be one of those rare games that actually uses the damn service. This is not good for several reasons. The main reason, however, is that Dark Souls relies heavily on online connectivity, and Games for Windows Live is a crummy glitch-fest.

Already gamers have come together to create a petition against what will likely be a detriment to Dark Souls. At the time of this writing there are over 7,000 signatures. The goal is 1 million, and it's probably going to be reached.

I think Dark Souls on PC is a great thing. I don't, however, think Games for Windows Live support is a great thing. Here's hoping Namco Bandai ditches this wacky idea.


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