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Evolve might go Free To Play on consoles as well


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Earlier today it was announced that Evolve will start using the Free To Play model on PC, and now word has gotten out that the console version will be getting the same treatment.

Evolve hasn't even been out for a full year and a half before the developers decided to make it a Free To Play game. Those who bought at full price the game when it was available started to worry about getting the short end of the stick with the game going Free To Play, but the developers themselves are looking forward. According to a series of tweets they are looking into the possibility of making Evolve a Free To Play title on consoles as well.

A fan was wondering on Twitter if the console versions would be getting the same treatment and it appears as though it depends on how the PC version performs.

In an other tweet the developers from Evolve assured fans that there would be no microtransactions and that everything would be earned in-game "the Stage 2 Beta has no microtrans at all. Nothing is for sale. Everything is earned in-game.".Now we just wait and see if they stay true to their word.

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