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Evolution Vault Announces Epic Browser-Based Game EV Online

February 19, 2009

Evolution Vault Announces Epic Browser-Based Game EV Online

Manage your colony to become a mighty empire...

Evolution Vault announces today plans to release a new browser game. EV Online will feature a world with thousands of players fighting for supremacy. One begins the game acting as a commander of a tiny basestar inside the EV cluster, and rises to become the ultimate leader, one which all look at with either respect or fear.


Far away in the galaxy, two species are in conflict as we speak. In a dark corner of space, inside the EV cluster, the Sargon Empire became the mightiest nation our galaxy has ever known. One which decides the fate of all civilizations, the Sargon is based on deceit and lies, as their technological advancements, their legacy, were all stolen. Find out more!


  • Forge alliances, attack and invade the weak, trade, spy, create treaties;

  • Control thousands of starships from Fighters to mighty Battlecruisers;

  • Play whenever you want (the game progress even when you are offline);

  • Choose one side and build your colony from ground to its fullest potential.

To register and find more information, please follow the link:

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