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EVO 2011 Panel: Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Character Changes


During Evo 2011, there were many panels that we simply did not have time to cover while the intense tournament action took place. In the Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Panel, in which Capcom's Ryota Niitsuma, Neo G, and Seth Killian were in attendance. They discussed many facets of the update to the game, as well as releasing what basically amounts to patch notes of all the changes to characters currently in the game! These changes are detailed below.


- Every character will have a move where you can repeatedly hit a button to do more damage


The panelists brought along a list of changes for the characters and gameplay in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. They took requests for characters from the crowd to start, but then just started reading down the list. Here's what was disclosed, which is nowhere near a complete list of changes in the game (which also may change as the game continues in development):

SPIDER-MAN: - Webs travel faster - You can now cancel Web Ball, Web Swing, and Spider Sting - With Crawler Assault, the faster you mash the buttons the more damage you do

DR.DOOM: - Doom's Photon Array does more damage the faster you mash the button - His Mid-Jump special moves will always knock the opponent down, allowing different combo options from there - A lot of his jumping moves will see some new stuff, new variations

CAPTAIN AMERICA: - Can now double jump

VIEWTIFUL JOE: - Has a new move that allows him to dodge incoming attacks

X-23: - Talon Attack now cancels out other character's air moves

ARTHUR: - Now has more health

IRON MAN: - Can no longer double jump - He can now air dash cancel out of moves he's doing while jumping for new aerial tactics

AMATERASU: - Can now change weapons in mid-air

CRIMSON VIPER: - Has a new never before seen move

CHRIS: - Lots of specific examples of changes to Chris given in Japanese, but Chris can now cancel out of the animations of gun moves into other special moves. You don't have to wait for the gun animation anymore.

SHE-HULK: - A cool new special move

SHUMA-GORATH: - Can now absorb the opponent's Hyper Combo Guage just by using a normal throw move, not a command throw

SUPER-SKRULL: - Can now do Meteor Smash while in mid-air

STORM: - Has a new, never before seen special move

SPENCER: - Has a new move that is briefly alluded to in the trailer so you can get a clue to what that is

ZERO: - His Max Buster can now be used to cancel into other moves. An example given was that if you use his Shoryuken move you can change your mind and go into Max Buster. It's kind of a weird description given.

SENTINEL: - Slightly less health (big applause from the crowd). They really emphasized SLIGHT

THOR: - Thor's mid-air command throw has slightly increased range

TASK MASTER: - A new never before seen special move

DANTE: - With with Devil Trigger active can now triple jump and air-dash twice in a row!

DEADPOOL: - Can now cancel out of special moves by warping

DORMAMMU: - He can now execute the Dark Spell and Liberation in mid-air

FELICIA: - Is now capable of executing a Delta Kick in mid-air

TRISH: - Mid-air Maximum Voltage will allow her to follow up with an attack on a downed opponent

TRON: - Getting slightly nerfed - Taking away the invincibility of her Gustov Flame Assist - In exchange, her Servbot Launcher can now be executed three times in a row using Weak, Medium, Hard

HAGGAR: - Can now knock people down using crouching hard attack

HULK - He's got a new charge move. Seth Killian makes a hammer motion with his arm. Don't know if that's a clue

PHOENIX: - She's got less health (big appluase from crowd!)

MAGNETO: - Has a new special move you have not seen

MODOK: - Can now cancel out of a move in mid-jump by dashing out of it

MORRIGAN: - Has a new move which allows her to act like a vampire to absorb her opponent's Hyper Combo Guage

RYU: - So much different they don't know where to begin - Lot of new moves and more powerful moves

HSEIN-KO: - She now has more things up her sleaves, projectile weapons to throw

AKUMA: - Now has less health

CHUN-LI: - She has a new move which is a version of the Spinning Bird Kick

During the panel, they also confirmed that Brady Games will be producing a new strategy guide for Ultimate with the help of pros from Evo - if the quality of the first guide was any indication, we're in for a treat.

What do you think, readers? Like the changes? Will this change your current team?

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