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Evo 2012 Registration Open!


Do you like fighting games? You think you're pretty good at beating people online, huh? Do you think you have what it takes to run with the big boys? Time to find out - the player registration for Evolution 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada has opened. The tournament will run from July 6th through July 8th and includes the following games this year:

  • Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition
  • Ultimate Marvel v Capcom 3
  • Soul Calibur V
  • Mortal Kombat (9)
  • The King of Fighters XIII
  • Street Fighter X Tekken (2v2)

All of these titles except for Street Fighter X Tekken cost 10 dollars to register for, with SFxT costing 20 as it's a duos tournament. Not included is the fifty dollar cover charge that is being charged at the Venue - not surprising for Ceasar's Palace. For a look at what's to come, check out this trailer for the event:


Will you be there to witness the hype? Hopefully, I'll be able to make it this year!

Dustin Steiner is GameZone's eSports Correspondent! Follow him on Twitter @SteinerDustin                                        

Dustin Steiner I'm GameZone's eSports Correspondent and resident fighting game guru. I'm also Event Coordinator for Video Gaming Hard Corps, where we host online and local tournaments in addition to have general fellowship among gamers. Check us out!
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