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Everyone calm down, Mighty No. 9 isn't delayed

Game still on track to release September 15th

Mighty No. 9 isn't delayed everyone calm down

Gameinformer ruffled a bunch of feathers on Friday when they reported that Mighty No.9 was delayed most likely into 2016.

It turns out this is all completely false, as it's been rebunked over on the Mighty forums. These are only accessible by backers, but VGstations was able to get some screen shots and descriptions of what occurred. The long and short of it is that the release date is still on track as verified by the admins on the forums but Amazon's automatism in the software messed it up. Since all of the items were not received yet for the Signature Editions including the figurine, Amazon changed the release date through 2016 because if it gets too close to the item's release and not all items are received, Amazon software auto cancels the items. Of course, Amazon couldn't have this so they increased the date to give them more time. 

Well there you have it and you can see the screen captured by VGstations below. It's ok, you can put your pitch forks down now. 


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