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Everybody's Gone to the Rapture is coming to PS4 only

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Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, thechineseroom's intriguing game that "begins with the end of the world," is no longer coming to PC -- meaning it's solely a PS4 exclusive. The game was shown off during Sony's Gamescom press conference, but long before that Everybody's Gone to the Rapture was also due to release on PC. Sadly, it doesn't appear the game will ever make it over.

When asked if it would be coming to PC eventually, creative director Dan Pinchbeck replied, "No, it'll be a PS4 exclusive."

"So the thinking went like this,” he told the site. “We don’t have enough money or production expertise to make this game without help. We don’t think we can raise enough through Kickstarter or public alpha to make this happen. We could do with production support on a game this scale. We’ve always wanted to make a console game. Publishers have bad reputations all too often. Hey, Sony Santa Monica are great though. We’ve met them a few times and really like them and their attitude.”

“Also, PS4 is starting to look very cool as a platform. All eggs thrown into singular basket, Sony Santa Monica contacted, everybody likes each other, lots of love for the project. Long dark night of the soul mulling over implications of shifting across to console. Mix of pragmatism and excitement about the possibilities win out.”

Pinchbeck assured PC gamers that the studio would return to the PC, "But part of that is following our instincts about how we develop and find stability as a studio and this is going to be part of the process. And without sounding like a bought man, the PS4 is genuinely a really, really cool platform, and if people have never bought into console gaming before, this is the time.”

Sony has been criticized for being unable to lock-up exclusives. Even most of its indie titles will be (or already are) available on PC. Having the exclusive rights to Everybody's Gone to the Rapture gives the PS4 a little more bragging rights over the Xbox One's impressive launch lineup.

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