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Every Xbox One now includes a chat headset

Xbox One headset

Microsoft has done a fantastic job addressing consumers' needs when it comes to the Xbox One. They reversed the unwanted DRM, removed the connectivity requirement, and have lessened the self-publishing restrictions. You can add one more reversal to the list: every Xbox One now includes a headset.

Major Nelson revealed the included headset during an Xbox One Day One edition unboxing video in a rather casual manner (almost as if Microsoft had never said that the headset would not be bundled with the system). Following the reveal, Microsoft has confirmed to us that every Xbox One console would come with a headset, not just the Day One edition. Comparitively, every PS4 ships with a mono earbud with a microphone attached to the wire.

"The chat on Xbox One offers 3x the sampling rate of the Xbox 360," the description reads. "The quality of the Xbox One Chat Headset speaker and microphone have been upgraded to take advantage of the much improved audio quality. It’s also super lightweight-only 44g-with a padded earpiece that can be worn on either your left or right ear, and a bendable, rotating mic boom. You can control mute and volume without taking your hands off the controller."

And with that, Microsoft's hot streak continues as the company has shown a willingness to conform to consumers' wants. While some may perceive Microsoft's constant policy changes to be a weakness or act of desperation, I personally love a company that's willing ot listen to its consumers.

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