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Every PS4 comes pre-loaded with AR app The PlayRoom

The PlayRoom

Every PlayStation 4 console will come bundled with a pre-loaded copy of The PlayRoom, an augmented-reality game designed to show off many of the DualShock 4's new features.

Seen during Sony's E3 2013 press conference, The PlayRoom combines the DualShock 4 controller with the PS Eye (the PlayStation 4's camera) to let you interact with an a "sci-fi genie" named Asobi and an army of AR Bots. Also shown in the trailer was the ability to play AR mini-games, like Air Hockey.

The application is also compatible with mobile devices as well as the PlayStation Vita, allowing you to "draw anything you like, flick it and it becomes a 3D plastic toy for the AR Bots to chase after."

"With the AR Bots experiment, we wanted to get a feel for using all the controller features while bringing out lots of small living beings on to the floor in augmented reality," explained SCEJ producer Nicolas Doucet. "It turned out to be pretty cool."

It's worth noting that while The PlayRoom comes bundled with the PlayStation 4, the PlayStation Eye camera does not. You can buy it separately for $59.99, a move that likely allowed Sony to go with a cheaper launch price. The PS4 without the camera retails for $399, while the Xbox One which comes with the mandatory Kinect is priced at $499. The inclusion of The PlayRoom servers as a reminder of Sony's smart decision.

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