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Every first-round draft pick is coming to Madden NFL 25 Ultimate Team

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EA Sports has just announced that every first-round selection made tonight in the NFL draft will be added to Madden NFL 25 as part of the Madden Ultimate Team (MUT). Yes, that means you will soon be able to play as the one and only Johnny Manziel, aka Johnny Football in Madden NFL 25.

While all of us were at home celebrating (or crying about) the newest players drafted to our team, the folks over at EA were hard at work inserting new players into Ultimate Team packs. The result is that fans will be given a chance to play with members of the 2014 first round Draft class in Madden NFL 25.

Fans will soon be able to access highly-rated versions of the rookie players in Madden Ultimate Team,a nd those with special NFL Draft collectibles can upgrade to an even more "game-changing version" of the player. Each All-Pro pack in MUT is guaranteed to contain at least one Draft-related item, EA says.

EA also says that new player items won't be uploaded until they are final, and warns that they may not show up until near the end of the first round or even after all of the teams have made their selections.

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