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EverQuest Next not planned for PS4 yet, SOE 'very serious about PC-oriented launch'

EverQuest Next rock enemy

EverQuest Next will eventually come to PlayStation 4. Sony Online Entertainment producer David Georgeson things you'd be "dumb" to not explore other platforms. But at launch, EverQuest Next will be a PC-only game.

"We're very serious about this being a PC-orientated launch," Georgeson said at the SOE Live event in Las Vegas. "Now, you're dumb not to explore other options with a business of this type, but we're very serious about developing for the PC."

"You know, the company knows a lot about the PlayStation 4," Georgeson added, referencing two of SOE's other PC to PlayStation titles. "Look at DC Universe Online and PlanetSide 2 - so we have a lot of people becoming extraordinarily knowledgeable with that box."

"We're not adverse to the idea," he said, "but we're not going down that path yet."

EverQuest Next's controller-friendly setup definitely lends itself nicely to console gameplay, which Georgeson says was actually more of an accident than intentional design. Regardless of intent, SOE is well-versed in PC to platform ports and I'd venture to say it's only a matter of time before we see EQ Next on PlayStation 4 -- hopefully sooner rather than later. Would you prefer to play the game on PC or PS4?


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