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EverQuest Next Landmark Alpha begins today

Sony Online Entertainment has delivered on their promise of a "late January" Alpha for EverQuest Next Landmark, the free-to-play world-building tool that accompanies the EverQuest Next MMO. Confirmed today, the Alpha test begins tonight, but is open to "only the most dedicated players," which is just a fancy way of saying those who have purchased a Founder's Pack at either the Explorer or Trailblazer level ($59.99 or $99.99, respectively).

The Alpha phase will allow participants to go hands-on with Landmark's user-generated landscape creation tools and provide feedback to the developers that will ultimately help shape the final game.

"The comments, suggestions, and feedback of this dedicated group will have a significant influence on all elements of the game's development, from system design and building progression to character abilities and itemization," SOE's announcement reads. For those looking to participate, here are the Alpha system requirements.

EverQuest Next Landmark was announced in early August alongside EverQuest Next. The duo of games work in tandem as Landmark provides players with built-in modeling tools that allow the community's creations into the future world of EverQuest Next. SOE recently confirmed that EverQuest Next is coming to PS4, though this Alpha is strictly for the PC version.

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