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EVE Online presents the 5th Alliance Tournament

February 21, 2008

EVE Online presents the 5th Alliance Tournament

CCP Games, the developers of the award winning massively multiplayer online (MMO) game EVE Online, is proud to announce the 5th Alliance Tournament. The contest will take place over two consecutive weekends beginning February 29th and ending the weekend of March 7th.

The bravest capsuleers have once again been called to battle for fame, honour and fortune. This legendary event is sure to set ablaze the gloom of space with the explosive glory of combat. Expect the same great commentary as last year's tournament, as each round of warfare is dissected by knowledgeable members of the EVE community.

A specially prepared in-game arena hosts the Alliance PVP Championship, which demonstrates the best of the high stakes ship combat that's at the core of EVE's popularity. Ships introduced in the Trinity patch will be eligible for competition for the first time in an Alliance Tournament. The community response to the tournament signup was so enormous that a televised draw was required to determine which Alliance teams made it into the top-40.

16 matches will be hosted per day and streamed from CCP's studio in Reykjavik, Iceland. This is a multi-stage championship, similar to the FIFA World Cup. The 40 teams are divided into 8 groups, with the two victors from each group progressing to a knockout phase compromised of four single-elimination rounds. A firm winner will be determined after this elimination round.

After weeks of player feedback many of your suggestions have shaped the new tournament rules. "We want this to be as entertaining to watch as it is to participate in" said Petri Rsnen, Senior GM and member of our tournament committee. "This championship is the very essence of EVE. To win you'll need teamwork and a flair for tactics. Building ship setups will be at the heart of a team's possible success. Change and adaptation are keys, as is expected in war."

About the Alliance PVP Championship For details of the rules and regulations of the Alliance Tournament, please visit

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