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Eve Online's true player stories are now a comic book

Eve: True Stories

Now you can read about the action in New Eden by picking up a free comic book.

Developer CCP Games and publisher Dark Horse Comics banded together last year to release a comic book series based on real player accounts from space sim Eve Online's massively multiplayer universe. It's called Eve: True Stories, and the first issue, "Thieves Among Us," is available to read for free now on Dark Horse's website or through its iOS and Android apps.

"The Eve: True Stories graphic novel is unique in the sense that it‘s based on an actual massive player event that took place in Eve Online," CCP wrote in a blog post. "The dismantling of the galaxy-sprawling superpower known as the Band of Brothers is something actually happened and thousands of players participated in."

The battle happened in February 2009 and was archived on CCP's crowdsourced True Stories website, from which it can draw freely for inspiration for books, comics, and TV shows set within the Eve universe.

"There are many sides to this story — it‘s impossible to be objective," wrote CCP. "As we don’t endorse one version of the 'truth' over others, we are taking the account that garnered the highest popular vote on the True Stories website, that of The Mittani, and adapting it with the help of Dark Horse’s excellent artists and writers."

Comics writer Daniel Way is penning the four-issue series, which will release two weeks apart and remain free until June, when the collected graphic novel goes on sale. A number of artists will contribute.

"The concept was to allow a group of talented outsiders to interpret the story and the universe of New Eden with their own words and pictures," wrote CCP. "The result is a dramatic work based on subjective truth and artistic interpretation rather than an objective, scientific analysis of the events that occurred."

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