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Evangelion & Ragnarok Odyssey Ace are both returning to Puzzle & Dragons *squee*


Who doesn’t love Evangelion? If you answered “me,” I’m sorry, but we’re professionally no longer ‘a thing.’ Eva was one of my first animes and to this day is STILL a masterpiece. So when it comes to Puzzle & Dragons, who wouldn’t you want and all Eva attack team? An ultimately evolved Asuka leader with an ultimately evolved Asuka friend is x4 HP and x5 Atk for attack teams. Yes, you can make your attacks have MORE attack. IT JUST WORKS!

From August 18-31, you can get down on the special Eva pulls and Eva dungeons. The boss music for the Eva dungeons is ‘Ode To Joy,’ which is so f@#$ing fitting if you’re a fan of the series. This collab is for the Eva Relaunch so if you’re not caught up to date, there may be some un-familiar characters there. BTW, Evangelion 3.33: You Can (Not) Redo heavily dropped in price today on Amazon, it’s $20 if you’ve been waiting to preorder.

If that wasn’t enough, PaD is also re-releasing the Ragnarok Odyssey Ace collab. Come August 19th, players can take on the RoA monsters in their special dungeon. Here you’ll get another chance to capture Marin, Domovoi, Grendel, Hrungnir, and others!

With these two collaborations and a user base stretching across over 32 million downloaded, what better time to continue leveling or pick up Puzzle & Dragons today. I’ll be perfectly honest, the first Eva collab was what got me into this game. Get on it!

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