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Europe's PS Plus games for July revealed


While we await the official announcement of July's PS Plus games for those of us here in the United States, PlayStation Europe has already revealed next month's free offerings.

For PS4, European PS Plus members will be getting TowerFall Ascension, the director's cut version of the game, with 50 new versus levels, four more playable archers, an all-new 12-player cooperative Quest mode, and six additional power-ups. Capcom's Strider will also be free for PS4.

Meanwhile, PS3 owners will be able to return to the depths of space with Dead Space 3, or go on a quest to finish "The Device" in Vessel, a 2D action puzzler.

Finally, LEGO Batman 2: DC Superheroes and Doki Doki Universe will be free for Vita.

It's worth pointing out that we're still awaiting PlayStation U.S. to make its PS Plus announcement for July, but a video prematurely posted to the PlayStation YouTube might have already revealed next month's games for those of us stateside. All of the games lineup with PlayStation Europe, except for LEGO Batman 2 for Vita. Instead, U.S. Vita owners are expected to get Muramasa Rebirth instead

As a reminder, all of next month's PS Plus games will be available on the first Tuesday of July. The new release format was one of the major changes Sony announced for PlayStation Plus earlier this month.

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