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EU: Rome Economy and Technology system

November 30, 2007

EU: Rome Economy and Technology system

Economy system

The Economy system in EU: Rome is equipped with underlying nuances and complex strategic options, yet the game is developed so that it is easy to grasp.

There are three different types of income in Rome, the 3 T's.

TAX: the definition of basic income from the land. This value depends heavily on the amount of slaves in a province. Slaves are one of the three different types of population in the game. The other two are citizens and freemen, which provide advances and manpower. These three types determine the strength of a state, for instance while a long and bloody war may give a lot new slaves, the amount of freemen could drop too low as a result, making difficult to create strong armies for the future.

TRIBUTE: refers to the diplomatic income given from states for their own benefit, could be derived by force or through skilled diplomacy.

TRADE ROUTES: each trade route created will provide a certain amount of income to a country, in addition to the strategic benefits of upholding such a route.

Technology system

The technology system has 5 categories: land, construction, naval, civic and religion. Each category has a set amount of levels, somewhat similar to earlier releases Europa Universalis III and Victoria. However, one of the differences is that there are no immediate effects from aquiring new "level" of technology in EU:Rome.

For each type of technology, players can appoint a character to a position in the government, where his skill will affect the progress in this field. The other major factors affecting the progress is the Civilization Value of a province and the amount of Citizens present.

EU: Rome is scheduled for a worldwide release during Q2, 2008. For more information about EU: Rome please go to

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