Eternal Darkness 2 demo is what sunk X-Men: Destiny

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An Eternal Darkness 2 pitch demo ultimately caused X-Men: Destiny to flop, according to a new report.

The game's lack of direction, issues with publisher Activision, and difficult management can be traced back to the demo, which allegedly distracted the team at Silicon Knights.

"[Silicon Knights] didn't take the development of X:MD seriously the entire time I was there," an anonymous former employee told Kotaku. "It seemed more like a job to get us by until ED 2 could be developed and sold to a publisher, which never happened."

Another source said "SK had about 60 percent of the development team working on XM:D and the other 40 percent working on ED 2," which caused staffing problems and marred the quality of the finished Destiny.

Silicon Knights earned the contract with Activision by "talking about Eternal Darkness endlessly," so what helped to green-light the X-Men project also crippled it.

The PlayStation 3 version holds the highest rating on Metacritic with a 50/100 score; other versions are hanging in the 40s and 30s.

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