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ESRB rates Twisted Metal as "Mature", spoils gruesome details


Twisted Metal was hit with a "Mature" rating by the ESRB today - as if we expected (or wanted) anything less.  We can all take a collective sigh knowing that our beloved Twisted Metal will be just as gruesome and twisted as we hoped it'd be. 

In its rating, the ESRB spoiled some gruesome descriptions of scenes in the game - ones that sound like they will make you cringe in uncomfortable disgust.  But would you have it any other way?

The main reasons behind the "Mature" rating are "blood and gore, intense violence, and strong language." 

Of course, you'd expect this in a game where players use "chainsaws, machine guns, flame throwers, and missiles to destroy other vehicles".

The ESRB states that players can choose "to run over fleeing pedestrians, resulting in large blood-splatter effects."

"One mode's objective is to capture enemy leaders; a large blood trail is depicted as screaming characters are dragged behind players' vehicle," the description states.

From there, the description turns into more of a spoiler - revealing some pretty sick details that just sound disturbingly awesome.


"A variety of live-action sequences depict more intense acts of violence: a serial killer getting stabbed in the face with scissors; a woman holding a bloodied saw and severed head; a character stabbing hospital patients with a machete; a woman bleeding from the neck and lying on the street."


I think I speak for everyone that is a fan of the series when I said I welcome the blood and guts.  I want the face stabbing.  I want the severed heads.  This is Twisted Metal, baby!!

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